Do heat pumps use more power?

December 03, 2023

Do heat pumps use more electricity?

‘I don’t want a heat pump installed, it will cost too much to run.’

We often hear this objection from people in rental properties, who are concerned a new heat pump will increase their power consumption (or rent) overnight.

However, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) just completed a study that looks at the cost-benefit ratio of installing a heat pump in a living room. So the simple answer to, “Will a heat pump use more power?” is no, installing a heat pump will in most cases return a saving in electricity.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Electricity use (through winter) falls in a house fitted with a heat pump by an estimated 16% relative to a house without a heat pump installed.
  • The estimates show negligible change in night-time electricity use after heat pump installation
  • The estimates then show consistent electricity savings from 8am through to 9 pm. The savings reach a peak, both in terms of magnitude and statistical significance, between 5pm and 9pm.
  • The greatest electricity reductions occur in the evening despite temperature gains also being experienced at this time. This result is likely to reflect households previously heating their living area in the evening using less efficient heating appliances prior to the heat pump being fitted.
  • Alongside the statistical significance of the electricity results (especially for the late afternoon and evening), the pattern of reductions in electricity consumption provides a strong measure of reassurance that the results reflect genuine savings in electricity use as a result of heat pump installation compared to previous heating patterns.

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