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The best home ventilation brands

We’re proud to work with the leading brands in home ventilation systems.

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Good ventilation is vital for bringing fresh air in and sending stale air out.

This means less mould and mildew inside, and cleaner, better quality air to breathe. Contact us to learn more about ventilation options for your home.

Benefits of a good home ventilation system

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Air Movement

By installing an effective ventilation system, you can make sure there’s a constant flow of fresh air in and old air out.

This means there’s less build-up of moisture, and less pollutants like cooking smells, pet hair and pollen – and better-quality air to breathe for you and your family.

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Prevents Mould

It prevents mould in your home. There is no safe level of mould, and it can cause severe allergic reactions for some people.

Mould needs moisture to grow, and condensation and excess humidity are the most common causes.

Good ventilation removes excess moisture from the air, reduces wet windows and slippery surfaces, and helps to prevent condensation-causing temperature fluctuations inside.

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Removes Allergens

It removes allergens from the air.

Common allergens include particles from dust mites, by-products of cooking, pet dander, as well as seasonal pollens.

These have been proven to irritate and inflame the lungs, especially for people with conditions such as asthma and allergies.

Types of home ventilation systems

Extraction Systems | Positive Pressure Systems | Balanced Ventilation Systems

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Kitchen Extractors

Rangehoods remove moisture from cooking, as well as fats and lingering kitchen smells.

Whether you’re whizzing up some serious cuisine or you’re simply a typical home cook, we have options for wall or island rangehoods or more compact styles.

Bathroom Extractors

Extractor fans remove the moisture left behind from your hot shower or bath, preventing a build-up of moisture on surfaces which can lead to harmful mould.

A good quality extraction system can also ventilate your home if left on all day.

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Balanced Ventilation Systems

This option is better for modern homes which are generally more air-tight.

Balanced ventilation systems remove stale air from inside and bring in fresh air from outside.

At the same time, the heat from the stale air going out is used to warm the fresh incoming air to a comfortable and steady temperature.

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