Financing options to suit your needs

Making energy efficient upgrades to your property isn’t just about keeping your home warm and dry – it’s also an investment in making your home a healthy and comfortable haven for your family. We know it can be a big step, but there are several finance options available to make things a bit easier, including warm up loans from ANZ, ASB and Westpac.


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Want a warmer, healthier, more energy efficient home with less impact on the planet? Our new ANZ Good Energy Home Loan top up could help. Start your journey to a more energy efficient home with our great rate.

Top up your ANZ Home Loan at a fixed rate of 1% for 3 years, up to $80,000, to make your home more energy efficient and better for the environment.

You need to be an ANZ customer to be eligible, and provide a quote from a reputable installer, like G-Force.

Click here for more detailed information and frequently asked questions about ANZ home loan top-ups. copy 5058620

Westpac customers may be eligible for a Westpac Warm Up Loan, which includes a loan of up to $40,000 interest-free for five years for insulation, heat pumps, ventilation and more.

A Westpac Warm Up loan is available to people living in their own homes and to landlords. A professional installer like G-Force must fit the items. If you apply for a Westpac Warm Up loan, you’ll need to show a quote that is less than 90 days old to obtain a pre-approval from us.

There are no penalties if you pay the loan off faster, and the loan can be used for a combination of improvements to help make your home warmer, healthier and more energy-efficient.

For more information and how to apply, click here.

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ASB customers can now upgrade to an electric vehicle or a drier, warmer or more energy efficient home with the new ASB Better Homes Top Up offering a low 1% p.a. fixed interest rate for three years.

The ASB Better Homes Top Up will enable existing home loan customers to borrow up to $80,000 to fund eligible improvements such as heating and insulation, solar panels or double-glazing installation. It’s also available to fund electric and hybrid vehicle purchases.

If conducting eligible improvements to your home like heating & cooling and insulation and ventialtion, ASB need to see a quote or invoice, no more than 60 days old, from a qualified professional installer like G-Force, who undertakes the installation as part of their day-to-day business. You’ll need to obtain any consents required from your local council.

For more information and how to apply, click here.

Interest-free Finance

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A Gem Visa offers six months interest free on all purchases of $250 or more, and you can use it anywhere Visa is accepted. There are also a range of loan options available.

Click here for details, lending criteria and how to apply.

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A Q Mastercard offers a minimum of three months zero interest and zero payments on all purchases.

A Q Mastercard can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted, there’s no minimum spend requirements, and there’s also a handy Q Mastercard app to help you keep track of your finances.

For more information about lending criteria and how to apply, click here.