Healthy Homes Compliance & ASSESSMENTS

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Rental built pre-2016? Healthy Homes Assessment now $135 + gst* (normally $220 + gst)

What are the Healthy Homes Standards?

The Healthy Homes Standard focus on five key areas: Insulation, Heating, Ventilation, Draught proofing and Moisture Ingress & Drainage.
All rental properties must meet minimum requirements in these five areas by July 1, 2025.
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$135 + gst Healthy Homes ASSESSMENT OFFER

*Special on Healthy Homes Assessments – only applies if your rental was built pre-2016

Healthy Homes Assessment for Rental’s built post 2016 are $220 + gst

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From installing insulation, ground moisture barriers, heat pumps and extraction fans, we’re your Healthy Homes one stop shop.
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Who can book a Healthy Homes Assessment?

G-Force Healthy Homes Assessments are available to:
  • Landlords,
  • Property Managers and;
  • Homeowners only.


Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Christchurch.

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Once we assess your property, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that shows which parts of the standard the property complies with, and which areas require further work to meet the standard.


The report is broken into five sections. Each section covers all requirements of the Act and provides photographic evidence of any areas that require further work to meet the standard.

Along with the report we will provide you with a detailed quote.


G-Force Healthy Homes Solutions are expert installers so we can also supply and install whatever you need to ensure the property meets the new requirements saving you the hassle of organising multiple contractors.

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G-Force Healthy Homes Solutions service: Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Christchurch. We have local, friendly and experience Assessors and Installers in your area.

What our customers are saying

Amazing! Emails responded to immediately, guys turned up when they said they would, great work ethic and independent inspector said job was neat and well finished.

Would totally recommend. If only all companies were as efficient and easy to deal with as these guys!


The team has been extremely helpful and professional. As a professional property management company, we used G-Force to inspect all of the properties in our rental portfolio for 2019 insulation compliance on behalf of our owners. The team has been extremely helpful and professional throughout the whole process providing comprehensive Compliance Certificates and reasonable quotes to bring each property up to standard.


Great company. Job done very professionally and in timely manner.

This is the second time I hired them for an insulation job on one of my properties. I Highly recommend them.



Below is a brief summary of the requirements of each section of the standard:

HHS Icons Insulation Black


The new HHS insulation standard has most of the same requirements as the 2016 standard. The main difference with the new HHS is that the minimum thickness of existing ceiling insulation has increased from 70mm to 120mm. Anything less than 120mm of ceiling insulation is deemed to not be in reasonable condition and new insulation will need to be installed.

If you had new insulation installed after July 2016, in order to comply with the 2016 insulation and smoke alarm standard, your property should already meet the new requirements. G-Force Healthy Home Solutions supplies and installs Knauf Earthwool-Glasswool insulation. Knauf is one of the world’s largest and most respected insulation companies, they produce high performing, safe ceiling and underfloor insulation products.

HHS Icons Drainage Black

Moisture Ingress & Drainage

This part of the standard requires that the premises have an efficient drainage system and that any enclosed sub-floor has a ground moisture barrier installed.
Our assessors will be looking to see that gutters and downpipes are intact, free from obstructions and are flowing to an outfall. For any properties that don’t meet the standard, our team is able to clean and repair gutters and downpipes as well as install ground moisture barriers. Our assessment does not cover any below ground drainage elements.
HHS Icons Heat Pump Black


The heating standard requires that the main living area of the property can be heated to an internal temperature of 18c. This needs to be achieved by using a fixed heating source. If the required heating capacity of the living areas is greater than 2.4kw, then the heater needs to be a heat pump, flued gas heater or an efficient wood or pellet burner.

We will assess the property and calculate the required heating capacity of the main living area and establish whether any existing heaters meet the requirements.

If the property isn’t compliant then our experienced assessor will be able to specify and provide a quotation for a qualifying heater to be installed by our team of tradespeople.

HHS Icons Ventilation Black


The ventilation standard requires that the premises have a working extraction fan in each kitchen and bathroom that vents to the outdoors, and that each habitable space has an openable window or door to the outside of the property.

Our assessors will inspect each habitable space, bathroom and kitchen to ensure compliance with the standard. Our experienced tradespeople are on hand to complete any extraction installs or maintenance work on windows and doors to ensure the standard is met. We have sourced a range of extraction options for the kitchen and bathroom that will suit all property types and budgets.

HHS Icons Draught Black

Draught Stopping

In order to comply with this section of the standard, the premises need to be free of any holes or gaps in the external building elements that let in unreasonable draughts.

Our assessors will inspect all common sources of holes or gaps in your property such as windows and doors to establish compliance with this section of the standard.

For any non-compliant areas of the property, we can provide a quotation to draught proof the property using cost effective draught proofing methods.

We manage the entire process to minimise disruption to you and tenant, and we organise all communication with tenants to arrange installation times.


We make compliance easy. We will ensure that all requirements for the RTA (Healthy Homes Standards) are met for your property.

As part of our total service we will supply you with the following documentation that can be added to the property file and tenancy agreement:

Certificate of Compliance for each section of the property that complies with the standards. These certificates can be used as proof to MBIE that the property complies with the regulations.