Looking for an energy-efficient, modern lighting solution for your home?

G-Force provides professional installation using quality LED lighting with options to suit every home.
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Modern, long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting.

Did you know LED lighting is up to 90% more efficient than regular, incandescent light bulbs?

Plus, a long-lasting LED not only saves you money but also the hassle of having to regularly change light bulbs!

Benefits of LED Lighting

Longer lasting

LED lighting lasts up to 25 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. LED lighting can last up to 15 years under normal use.

Safe to be Covered by Insulation

Modern LED lights can be safely covered with insulation. In contrast, old-style downlights need to have gaps cleared around them, leaving multiple holes in your insulation for heat to escape.

Instant light

LED lighting means instantaneous light at the flick of the switch, unlike some styles of incandescent bulbs that grow brighter after several minutes.

Energy Efficient

Did we mention they are energy efficient?! LED lighting saves you money on power, and is kinder to the environment.

Ongoing Service & Expert Advice

At G-Force, we pride ourselves on our extensive customer service and after-sales support. Our team is very knowledgeable and they’re just a phone call or email away.

Choosing the right style of lighting for you

With lumens, colour, bulb shape and your style of home to consider, finding the right LED solutions can feel daunting. That’s why our expert team are on hand to talk you through all the options.

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LED for any space

LED lighting is measured in lumens rather than watts, and options range from soft yellow tones right through to crisp, bright whites.

Warm whites have a cosy and relaxing feel, making them perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

Cooler white tones are ideal for when you need your kitchen bench or workspace to be well lit.

In LED terms, 800 lumens is bright, 1000 lumens is very bright, and 1500 lumens is about the limit for residential spaces.

Different Shapes & Fittings

LED lights come in wide range of shapes and sizes, with styles to suit the location of the lights, the brightness required, the lighting angle and the existing décor of your home.

There’s an LED light for every space, including ceiling, stair and wall lights, as well as LED slim battens to replace outdated and inefficient fluorescent tube lighting.

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Property manager agreement and keys - GForce New Zealand


Whether you want to brighten up a workspace or add a cosy ambient glow, we’ve got LED lights to suit your home and lifestyle.

Choose slim battens for your garage or work benches, sleek and stylish wall lights with dimmable options for your bedroom or stairs, and safe and effective LED downlights for your ceiling.

Have any Questions?

We are here to help. Get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to book an assessment.