July 05, 2022

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ANZ Bank New Zealand has launched a low-interest home loan rate for customers wanting to increase the energy efficiency of their home.

The ANZ Good Energy Home Loan top up will allow customers to borrow up to $80,000 at a 3-year fixed rate of 1% per annum and can be used to upgrade homes with things like solar panels, heating and insulation, double glazing, ventilation systems and rain water tanks.

The loan can also be used for electric and hybrid vehicles, and EV chargers.

ANZ Managing Director for Personal Banking Ben Kelleher said people were increasingly concerned about rising energy and fuel costs as well as environmental sustainability and were looking to make changes where they could.

“Whatever the motivation; saving money on your utility bills, future proofing your home, collecting rain water to last you through summer, being more energy efficient or reducing carbon emissions, this loan removes some of the cost barrier for people wanting to make a change.”

Mr Kelleher said research showed many of the changes people want to make were connected to their homes. ANZ data shows 8 in 10 people have plans or would like to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and for those who wouldn’t, most said cost was the main barrier.

“Home owners who invest in good energy initiatives will also benefit from cost savings over time on things like heating and power and the increased wellbeing that comes from a healthier home.”

The latest EY Mobility Consumer Index shows that the desire to live more sustainably also extends to people’s choice of car, with half of New Zealanders looking to buy a hybrid or EV in the future.

“We’re really excited to be launching this offer for our home loan customers and helping them get started on their energy efficiency journey,” Mr Kelleher said.

NB: You need to be an ANZ customer to be eligible, and provide a quote from a reputable installer, like G-Force Healthy Homes Solutions. Get in touch and have a chat about your options.



At G-Force Healthy Home Solutions we’re all about making homes warmer, drier and more energy efficient for Kiwi families.

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