Ventilation in the home: Is it worth getting a range hood?

July 21, 2022

Is it worth getting a range hood?

We asked one of our customers who recently had a range hood installed in their kitchen, if they thought it was worth it, and if they’ve noticed any difference in their home.

“The range hood in the kitchen is amazing! I love cooking and often have several pots and pans bubbling away which of course means lot’s of moisture escaping everywhere and up the walls!

We choose a range hood with several fan speed options and a built in light which is fantastic when cooking. We also turn it on when the dryer is running (as it’s close by) as the dryer can cause condensation but the rangehood extractor helps remove this as well. I’ve also noticed, the range hood helps remove food smells.

We’ve all noticed the BIG difference it has made so yes, we definitely recommend getting a range hood for your kitchen and wish we’d done it sooner.”

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G-Force is proud to work with the leading brands in home ventilation systems: Robinhood, IXL and SmartVent

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