How much does it cost for ceiling and underfloor insulation in my home?

January 04, 2023

How much does it cost to insulate a house in New Zealand?

Insulation has been rated as the second most important feature of a home by potential homebuyers. asked 1,200 homebuyers which features were most important when searching for a house. Apart from orientation to the sun, the results found that good insulation and warmth were the top priority for house hunters. Almost 90 per cent of respondents who were selling or had recently sold their homes said that environmental factors such as efficient energy, water and heating could contribute to a property fetching a higher price.


In Winter you can lose heat everywhere in the home. Look at these examples:

  • 30-40% disappears out your Ceiling & Roof
  • 10-15% out the Windows
  • 20-30% from Walls
  • 10-15% from infiltration i.e uncontrolled air leakage through joints in the construction and cracks around windows and doors
  • 10-15% from your floors!

You can read more about winter heat loss and summer heat gain in your home HERE >>

So how much does insulating your home cost?

For an average house (100m2):

  • $1746 + gst for ceiling insulation
  • $1700 + gst for underfloor insulation

Note: Wall insulation only applies to new builds as you can’t install wall insulation in an existing home unless you rip off all of the gib.

EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Grant with 80% subsidy:

  • $310 + GST ceiling
  • $340 + GST Underfloor

You can learn more about the EECA subsidy HERE>>

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