Do you qualify for 80% off your home insulation?

February 14, 2022

GForce Family Reading in Warm Home

If you’re a homeowner and you own and live in a home built before 2008; have a Community Services Card or live in an area identified as low-income (click HERE to check your address) and your home doesn’t have ceiling and underfloor insulation then you might be eligible for 80% off your home insulation and/or heater grant.

G-Force Healthy Home Solutions is an authorised service provider for the EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Government Grant to help you save on the cost of installing insulation in your home.

I had underfloor insulation done at my property. Initially I assumed it’s going to cost me at least $1500, however to my surprise I was advised me that I’m eligible for the EECA discount so it’ll cost me about $560.

The installation was done promptly. Everything was done in an hour then the auditor visited us on the same day to do the inspection!

I’m extremely happy with the service I’ve received. Keep up the great work


This government programme covers 80% of the cost of insulating the ceiling and underfloor of your home to help keep it warmer, drier and healthier for your family.

A grant is also available for installing a ground vapour barrier if you are taking up an insulation grant.


  1. Cooling your home in Summer: in Summer, heat moves from your ceiling cavity and outdoors, into your home. Insulation slows this transfer of heat, keeping your home cooler and more comfortable.
  2. Keeping you warmer in Winter: Insulation will slow the rate of heat loss through your ceiling, floors and walls, keeping your home warmer and saving you money on heating costs.
  3. Making things Quieter: Insulation helps reduce noise both from outside and between different levels and rooms inside your home by providing buffer to prevent noise from outside, coming in.

    Are you ready to see if you Qualify for an Insulation or Heat Grant?


At G-Force Healthy Home Solutions we’re all about making homes warmer, drier and more energy efficient for Kiwi families.

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